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Virunga National Park reviews

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“The mountain sides are cold....be armed with heavy clothes.” - Lisa

Ranked the best in the African continent!!!

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At the back side of Queen Elizabeth National Park lies Virunga. This is where biodiversity is evident in all aspects. I had underestimated the park. After the civil, war word had it that human habitations within the park had down graded it so much. A friend of mine just wanted to prove me wrong. We accessed the park via Uganda where we had been working for couple of weeks. There is much to see in Virunga from the savanna dwellers-the likes of lions, elephants and kobs. This is in the central part of the park.
Up the mountains, though, is the attraction of many. Mountain gorillas are a good sight but we were not allowed to get close and it was only for one hour (reason was that these primate transmit viruses to human race very fast). Sick people should also stay away from that part of the park am told. There was a spectacular view of hippos down the Ishasha River. The rangers in this park guard the animals tirelessly from poachers and I was so amused of their effort.
In Virunga also lies the Nyiragongo Volcano. It is the largest of its kind in the world. Geography lovers can have a really nice expedition. Any one visiting Africa for a real great tour should consider Virunga.
It does not disappoint!

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