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Victoria Falls National Park reviews

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“If you have the time, we definitely recommend seeing both the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides! ” - Elizabethcrofoot

Why Vic Falls is a must-see!

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While on our honeymoon in South Africa, my husband and I made a trip up to Zambia / Zimbabwe to see Victoria Falls and we are so glad we did! My husband and I felt it was well deserving of "the seven natural wonders of the world" placement and were amazed by the amount of water that rushes over the falls.

On our first day in Zambia, we took a boat over to Livingstone Island, where we were able to walk and sit on the very edge of the falls, in Angel's Pool. We visited in July, when the water was quite full, so Devil's Pool was not an option for us...thankfully (!). It will be an experience neither me nor my husband will ever forget, and luckily, our tour guide took several pictures of our terrified faces sitting on the edge!

We also ventured to the park area on both the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides. Clouds of heavy mist abound from the rushing waters and you can see dozens of rainbows as you look at the falls, which is really incredible. Both sides of the falls are worth seeing, although I felt we were able to get closer to the falls on the Zimbabwe side, evidenced by how wet we were when we left the park (come prepared with a rain slicker if you don't want to be soaked)! The Zambia side is incredible and was a worthwhile view to see. It was also fun to meander through the park seeing monkeys, warthogs, and tons of wildlife. If you have the time, we definitely recommend seeing both the Zambia and Zimbabwe sides!

Lastly, we were absolutely blown away by our hotel, The Royal Livingstone. The Royal Livingstone is a luxurious 5 star hotel situated on the Zambian side of Victoria Falls along the banks of the Zambezi River, just a short walk to the entrance of the falls. You are so close to the falls, you can hear the roar of the falls and see the midst as you sit on the deck by the river sipping cocktails. It was our favorite hotel of our entire trip and it was such a treat to stay in such beautiful and comfortable surroundings while visiting such an incredible natural wonder. We were sad to leave when our trip was over!

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