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Victoria Falls National Park reviews

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“Carry cash. Mastercards is the widely accepted credit card payments here.” - Skywalker

Raw Natural Energy : A spectacle Indeed

Views: 390 Visited: Jul 2012 Reviewed: May 09, 2013

With no awareness, the Zambezi river flows steadily, still, clear, moving waters that all of a sudden topple over 100 meters downwards. The roar, the thunder is massive, a grandeur, a spellbinding breathtaking spectacle that has rightfully earned a UNESCO world heritage site and "one of the greatest natural wonders in the world" title.
Entrance to the fall is through the national park charges are usd$ 30 pp for foreigners, a bit steep considering its not a one-time fee. You have to pay every time you enter the park throughout your stay. By 6 am we were well inside the park. Attire: raincoats and boots. We were well aware of our destination (baboons are a constant hassle in the park, avoid carrying bags and foods as they will snatch them). Along the park the only game we saw were baboons, a couple of wildebeest and warthog. We were not dampened by this, continue we did and finally we came to the paths leading to the falls. A bit slippery and wet, carry an umbrella or poncho though you will still get wet but not as much.

There was much mist but the breathtaking spectacle could be not be missed. Its beauty and power were in perfect view. It took us almost 3 hours of viewing the falls on the various viewpoints for us to be satisfied with our visit. The best view of the fall is from the air, but we had come during the wet season when the water was at its peak the spectacular views on the ground were extremely good if not better.

The knife edge Cecil Rhodes bridge facing the fall not only gave us unrivaled views of the falls, it also provided an adrenaline-heart pumping bungee jump with a 100 plus metre fall. This jump, though safe, is not for the fainthearted. It's pretty scary, pretty impressive. White water rafting and microlight/helicopter flight are also available .

For the ultimate thrill seekers, this is the place.
(nb It usually rains anywhere from November through to April, The falls are at their wettest and most spectacular by the end of this rainy season.)

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