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Victoria Falls National Park reviews

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“Residents said the view from Zimbabwe was the best. They were right.” - UrbanXenophile

The African bucket list: a visit to Vic Falls National Park

Views: 435 Visited: Oct 2009 Reviewed: Mar 16, 2014

Victoria Falls can be viewed from two different countries (Zambia and Zimbabwe). I happened to be working on an African lion research project at the time, and had some time off to take a side trip somewhere near Livingstone. I had briefly seen the falls on my way up on an overland tour, but I hadn't visited the park itself. I'd heard conflicting opinions about which country had the best views of the falls, and for the most part, residents said the view from Zimbabwe was the best. They were right.

The only unfortunate aspect of my visit to the park was that it was the dry season, so the falls were not as impressive as they could have been. However, the downside to coming here in the wet season, so I've heard, is there is so much mist and moisture, it's difficult to see. So that's something to think about.

The park was teeming with birds, and we came across a hilarious family of warthogs that didn't seem to mind we were so nearby. The park was almost devoid of people completely, save for a few backpackers, which was kind of nice. There are several paths that snake around the park, with signage along the way explaining the ecology of the park and facts about the 'Falls' themselves. There were plenty of fabulous look-out spots, and even though the Fall weren't as full, you could get a clear sense of their majesty in the wet season.

All in all, I would definitely go back and visit them during the wet season.

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