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Victoria Falls National Park reviews

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“Check the calendar! Vic Falls opens at night around full moons. ” - Lindsayseegmiller

Vic Falls on a full moon

Views: 405 Visited: Apr 2010 Reviewed: Nov 28, 2013

Victoria Falls is impressive on the worst of days. Catch the falls over a full moon, when the park stays open in the evening (Zam side), and prepare to have your mind blown. The power, the noise, and the beauty is exponentially increased when you sit beside the rushing Zambezi under the light of the moon. It costs a little extra to extend your day into the evening, but its worth every cent.

A typical visit to Vic Falls has walk around the top of the falls and across the bridge connecting Zimbabwe and Zambia. In the dry season, I understand the bridge offers a great view. In the wet season, its a bit tough to process as sheets of water dump over you. Vic Falls from these vantage points are just as spectacular as you'd imagine.

It is worth however spending a few extra hours at the falls however to break out of this loop and walk to the bottom on the Zambian side. A slightly slippery hike down takes you to what feels like a vortex at the bottom of the falls, with a few safe swimming spots! Its an excellent location for a picnic before clambering back up to the top.

There are additional hiking trails around the Zimbabwe side, offering more views with less crows. The trade off is that the town of Vic Falls in Zimbabwe is not quite as lively as Livingstone on the Zambian side. If you can swing it, spend a few nights at both to get the full picture!

Also - if you're there in the dry season it is possible to take a cruise down the Zambezi to Livingstone Island in the middle of the falls! Unfortunately it is inaccessible in the rainy season so I couldn't make it but - it sounds spectacular.

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