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Victoria Falls National Park reviews

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“Forget a raincoat, standing beneath the splash and getting soaked to the skin is an essential part of the experience” - Stephen Bailey

Visually stunning...unforgettably powerful

Stephen Bailey
Views: 499 Visited: Feb 2013 Reviewed: Sep 16, 2013

To my right the sign says “Welcome to Zimbabwe.” To my left “Welcome to Zambia.” Behind me, the Victoria Falls. Waterfalls can be higher, wider, and longer. But this is the officially most powerful in the world. It's estimated that 1000 tonnes of water drop over the edge, every second. I can hear the crash of the water from almost 10 kilometres away and it more than deserves its place as one of the new seven wonders of the world. The water rises above the viewing platform, above the waterfall, and comes down on everyone who stands nearby. It's like standing underneath a fire hose. While visually beautiful, it’s the power that is most unforgettable.

Crossing to the Zimbabwe side I find better views. More of the falls are on this side, and it’s from here that I get the trademark photos of rainbows and falling water. From Zambia you get the unstoppable power, but in Zimbabwe you get 10% of the tourists and can get closer without coming out drenched. Livingstone is undoubtedly a nicer base than the Victoria Falls town, but if you have time and money it’s worth crossing the bridge and seeing the differences between these two nations. Or maybe I was just caught up in wonder, desperate not to leave without experiencing every angle…

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