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Tsavo National Park reviews

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“A splendid attraction in the Tsavo West is the Mzima Springs” - Lisa

Once a man-eaters home

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The Tsavo National Park remains Kenya's largest and also one of the oldest. Once a mega park, it was later divided into West and East. The boundary lies closely along the Mombasa - Nairobi highway. The west remains the busiest through out the year. It bears the history of man-eating lions where many Indians were killed as they constructed the Kenya-Uganda railway. These lions are still usual inhabitants of Tsavo, but I think they stopped eating people!
The Tsavo West has varied geographical features which also determine the distribution of the wildlife as opposed to the East which is a vast flat land of winding plains. A splendid attraction in the Tsavo West is the Mzima Springs. This is a continuous number of springs which form small lakes of very clear water shaded by huge acacias and fig trees.
As Tsavo is dry for the better part of the year, these springs form a massive attraction for almost every kind of animal in the park. Herds of elephants, buffalo and most of the big animals can be seen as they come in their numbers to drink.
The water also has its resident dwellers, large crocodiles, hippos and some species of fish. A small boat ride in the clear water provides a good sighting of the marine and can provide good photo opps.

Up the park are small and large hills with massive lava flow evident on the roads. History has it that that a massive volcanic eruption occurred barely 300 years ago. The lava is quite young and the neighboring Kamba people still talk of ghosts who thunder at night. Getting off the vehicle sometimes for a small hike gives a cool stretch of the feet.
Most of the animals in this side move in groups and can be sighted from a far.

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