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The Okavango Delta reviews

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“Don’t miss your chance to take a scenic flight over the Delta from Maun.” - Laurapattara

My BEST African experience in three years!

Views: 834 Visited: Feb 2012 Reviewed: May 10, 2013

Over the course of three years working in southern Africa, I had the good fortune of heading into the Okavango Delta a total of 6 times. When it comes to real African experience, for me, there’s no place in the whole continent which can even compare. If you want to spend three days on the back of an open-top 4WD ticking animals off a list, go elsewhere; if you want to feel embedded in the wilderness, at one with whatever animals may or may not be just around the corner, then this is the place to come to.

Walking safaris, led by knowledgeable guides give you the impression that, for once, you are the one being watched, and perhaps even hunted. It is amazing beyond words. The smells, the sounds of distant and (sometimes quite close) animal calls are both exciting and nerve wrecking. In the Delta, you are completely exposed and vulnerable, kind of as if you were lunch on a platter! Awesome and indescribable; a truly once in a lifetime experience.

Sunset hippo spotting canoe rides, thrilling afternoon swims (never know what’s lurking beneath), early morning walks chasing hoof prints...it all adds up to the Okavango Delta becoming my fondest African safari memory and made Botswana my absolute fave country in Africa. It is also the only place which gave me a real close encounter with a deadly beast! A rather enormous elephant decided, at 3am, that uprooting the tree I was camped under would be a fun thing to do. It took him almost 45 minutes to complete his mission, all the while I was cowering in my tent right under his nose, shivering, giggling and just going completely bonkers (on the inside at least). My near-death experience is the one thing I still rave about and hope to do so till the day I die.
Put it this way, whenever I tell people I guided tour trucks through Africa for three years they always ask ‘if I were to do ONE trip to Africa, where should I go?’ my answer is always prompt ‘Botswana and the Okavango Delta in particular!’ Make of that what you will!

Oh, don’t miss your chance to take a scenic flight over the Delta from Maun, it’s not that expensive but delivers a breathtaking experience indeed. If being lost in its wilderness does not give you a clear impression of just how vast and wild the Delta is, than the flight certainly will. Pure magic

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