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Tarangire National Park reviews

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“Lots of elephants and varieties of antelope species ” - Ken Firestone

Check out the elephants at Tarangire National Park!

Ken Firestone
Views: 487 Visited: Apr 2013 Reviewed: Jan 13, 2015

Tarangire NP is about a 3 hour drive from Arusha Tz, the " 'Gateway' to the Serengeti," on a well-paved road. It is a 20 minute flight from Arusha (ARK), or a 45 minute flight from Kilimanjaro (JRO). The park is about the size of Rhode Island.

Tarangire is one of my favorite national parks in the Serengeti area because it is generally not crowded with visitors and its size and diversity of wildlife allows for seeing a lot of different kinds of animals at a close distance in a relatively short amount of time. In a half day you can see a lot of great animal life, though a full day would be ideal.

Tarangire National Park is known for having the largest elephant population in northern Tanzania. Currently, Tarangire has 3 major elephant populations with each population having around 1,000 elephants. The national park also has zebras, giraffes, wild dogs, hyenas, hippos, wildebeest, impalas, jackals, waterbucks, cheetahs, kudus, Grant gazelles, dik diks, lions, leopards, fringe eared oryx, and eland. It also has many giant baobab trees.

During the short rainy season (November-December), it is commonplace to see tree climbing lions. The Tarangire River attracts animal life. In the dry season (June -September), huge numbers of thirsty animals are attracted to and congregate around the banks of the river. Its southern part, Silale swamp, attracts animals that feed and drink during the dry season.

In addition to game viewing, you can also visit Maasai and Barabaig villages and have guided walking safaris in the area

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