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Tarangire National Park reviews

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“Use a newer vehicle with AC so you can close the windows & roof hatch if you run into tsetse flies” - E-Trip Africa

One of the best parks in Tanzania

E-Trip Africa
Views: 400 Visited: Sep 2013 Reviewed: Sep 15, 2013

Tarangire is, by far, one of the best parks in Tanzania. It is an obvious choice if you love elephants. The key to visiting this park, like most of the parks in Tanzania, is timing. During the dry season large numbers of animals enter the park in search of water. The vast swamps provide a good source for them.

The scenery here is also quite unique. The rolling hills dotted with huge Baobab trees is much different than the flat grasslands of the Serengeti. Some people are turned off by the Tsetse flies that can sometimes be very present in certain parts of the park. Be sure you travel in a vehicle that has AC so you can close it up if you happen to run into these pests. Also wear light colors, the flies are attracted to dark colors, especially blue and black.

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