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South Luangwa National Park reviews

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“Make travel arrangement earlier so as to visit in the dry season when animal sightings are at the peak” - Skywalker

Unspoilt Wilderness : A Must Visit

Views: 708 Visited: Oct 2012 Reviewed: May 09, 2013

Its a park recommended by seasoned travellers in Africa, world class wildlife haven they say. No regrets and unforgettable are some of the words that have been used to describe this park.Its location Eastern Zambia, access via Lusaka the capital of Zambia is either by vehicle to Mfuwe though its a long 100 plus km of semi tarred road. The second and most recommended option is by flight to Mfume. After arrival to Mfume there is a drive to the park entrance--most lodges offer this as a free service. Ladies and gentlemen welcome to South Luangwa National park.

Our stay was at the flatdogs camp located at the edge of SNLP,thus an excellent vantage point for wildlife viewing. We stayed in one of their standard tents which are located near the Luangwa riverbank. The camp is not fenced and hippopotamus and elephants roamed in the background without fear as we arrived .

A natural haven SNLP, the park is unfenced. Escorted by an armed ranger we were treated to a walking safari. There is a crocodile farm at the entrance of the park. Here you can see 10 plus metre crocodiles. Be sure to catch them when feeding. On crossing the entrance bridge we saw over 20 hippopotamus lounging in the river below. Antelopes are also aplenty here especially the kudu, a fairy-like creature with spiral horns. Apart from wildlife the river Luanda is also ripe with scenery and birds as we were treated to a pelican show. The majestic birds operate in tandem to drive the fish to shallow waters before scooping them. The park is also renowned for birding with over 400 species being recorded here.

Further into the valley the big game didn't disappoint. Vultures feeding on buffalo and elephant carcasses is a common sight. Further in we were privileged to see a pride of over 20 lions, buffaloes and herds of elephant (over 50). We eagerly waited for the lions to make a kill to no avail. Seems the large buffalo herd was a force to be reckoned with. At night we were treated to a night drive by our guide Yotam, an amazing fellow he did his best and finally we saw a kill by the elusive leopard. By the end of the drive we had seen about 5 leopards, amazing experience .

The wildlife, birding and scenery are all great, the superlatives I heard about SNLP are valid, unspoilt wilderness if I could add, this is one of the most beautiful parks in Africa, a wildlife haven indeed .

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