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Serengeti National Park reviews

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“Balloon ride over the Serengeti was like a dream” - Africa Tried and Tested

A balloon ride over the Serengeti

Africa Tried and Tested
Views: 290 Visited: Jul 2007 Reviewed: Oct 01, 2014

Years ago I once took a balloon ride over the Serengeti. Really an experience I would not want to have missed in my life. The sound of the burners, the wind in your hair and the absolute fantastic view (and those years were enough to make me forget how incredible cold it was, if you go on balloon safari, please carry a sweater!!! And a good one!) are something I could have not dreamt of in my best dreams. You need to experience it to understand how the whole experience together makes it a fantastic thing, a fantastic feeling. Having been on safari as a tour leader for several years, I had seen most corners of the Serengeti, at least that is what I thought. Until that day I went on balloon safari. It was like I was in a totally new Serengeti! With totally new animals! I had always prided myself on being able to recognise animals based on shapes, so you can recognise them from quite far. That did definitely not work from the air! All animals look different, in a fascinating way I have to say! The large herds of wildebeest from the air are plainly amazing. From the ground the big numbers are impressive, wildebeests as far as you can see. But from the air, the real greatness of the great migration is shown! And the leopard in the tree, which looked up just when we drifted over...
A lot of people ask me what makes balloon safaris so special. I have to say that I have made flights over the Serengeti and scenic flights over the Maasai Mara. Both fantastic experiences, but none that can match a balloon safari! I have been thinking what it is that makes it so special, the fact that you don’t have the noise of the engine (the burners make noise but less than the plain), the fact that you can go lower? I think for me it is the feeling of being outside, the feeling of being part of the elements around you, after all the balloon just goes where the wind wants to take it! And I guess that is what will always be the attraction of game drives for me, whether in a balloon drifting on the wind or in a car standing still and watching the spectacle that evolves around you, the feeling to be part of something great and amazing makes it all one big adventure!

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