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“Semuliki National Park this February had a high volume of the hotspring water due to high temps...it was awesome to boil eggs in the hot spring for an egg sandwichhigh temeperature tha” - Pearl Africa SAfaris

Tour the Semuliki Valley

Views: 920 Visited: Feb 2013 Reviewed: Mar 28, 2014

The Semliki valley is a small corner of the DRC poking into Uganda. This outstanding valley lies at the foot of the Albertine Rift to the west of Fort portal, and it is the only lowland rainforest making a continuation to the huge Ituri forest in the DRC. The valley is magnificently divided into two by the Rwenzori foothills hence offering the best view of Mt. Rwenzori slopes, Lake Albert and the Semliki River making its way to DRC.
Bird- watchers come from all regions of the world to view the central African bird species residing in the forest such as the Congo serpent eagle found nowhere else in East Africa. Meet the elusive mammals of Semliki like Zenker’s flying mice, dwarf antelopes alongside the forest variety elephants and buffalo, but they are quite smaller in size compared to their brethren in other open savannah areas.
Most visitors come here to see the hot springs. Although the hot springs are worlds away from the geysers of Rotorua (New Zealand) and Iceland. Notice that there are female and male hot springs of the Semliki, the female just behind the Sempaya entrance, features a little of the geyser while the male spring which is roughly 30 minutes walk from the female can fill a 12m pool. To enjoy your trip to the hot springs, carry some eggs and enjoy preparing your meal in the boiling water. There are two other hiking options in Semliki, Kirimia trail which is a full day trail through the thick forest and a favorable destination for the bird-watchers and the shorter trail though very hilly, the red monkey trail. Both trails end at Semliki River which majestically forms a border between Uganda and DRC. Outside the Semliki Park is the Batwa pygmy village which was relocated here after the park was established.

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