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Queen Elizabeth National Park reviews

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“Staying in the old wardens houses by the airstrips (take meals and swim at the lodge) for a slightly deeper view of the peninsular life” - Rebecca

Hunted at Queen

Views: 318 Visited: Aug 2002 Reviewed: Sep 26, 2015

If you camp, be sure you can get a fire lit. Backup matches, kerosene. Be sure. Because the fire really can help keep the predators away, and the lions are curious.
On our third or fourth safari in Queen, we saw a pair of young males, manes just coming in, near the peninsula. That night, they found us. What's that? That's lions.
Sniffing around the tent, licking their paws; hyenas in the distance; all the other wildlife is gone; for about five hours.
But, usually, lions won't tear open a tent. The next morning, we headed South to Bwindi.
QE's true beauty is her multitude of habitats: forested gorge, rivers, channels, salt and fresh lakes, euphorbia shrubland, crater fields and the corridor to her sister, Kibale, to the north.

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