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Queen Elizabeth National Park reviews

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“Carry with you light clothes because the weather is friendly. Also mosquito nets are required because there are mosquitoes.” - Angel

Angella's review of Queen Elizabeth national park

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Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national Park is one of the very famous parks in Uganda because it is on the syllabus for the primary education. Its beautiful nature is well talked about and any one would feel the urge to travel there. Immediately after the university one of my girl friends found a job in Kasese town which is the nearest big town to the national park. So I decided to go and have my Christmas for that particular year. I travelled from my home district which is a 2and ½ hour’s drive to kasese. Journey to Kasese is so enjoyable because the road is very good, there is a lot of vegetation and more to that, the National park occupies part of my home district (Bushenyi). The air is as fresh as you travel through the National park, with very nice trees and gardens of tea which look so beautiful, there is no traffic on the road and the journey is indeed refreshing. I set off around 10:30 am of which the whole of 11 o’clock was spent through the national park. It is very interesting that throughout the journey I did not see many animals as I thought. We only met a group of Uganda cobs that were crossing the road, and in me there was this thought that I was wasting my time visiting such a park. So I continued the journey up to Kasese.
The following day was yet another sunny day where I and my friend decided to go and visit the park. By the way the whole of Kasese is very hot so, people can also do sun bathing from there. We reached there by 9 0clock in the morning and before we could even sign in the lion was loudly roaring and I almost changed my mind and go back home until the guide told us that it was being disturbed by some small animals. So we were given a guide and a van to move around with. That park is really wide and it provides a habitat for so many creatures. I saw lions, elephants both mothers and their babies, leopards, then there were some snakes, chimpanzees and hippopotamuses. Then the best moment of all was when I saw chimpanzees feeding, like real human beings no wonder they say, the evolution of man started from chimpanzees. Among other enjoyable observations was watching lions climbing trees yet when we were little they used to tell us that if a lion is chasing after you, you climb a tree because they do not know how to climb, then imagined what I would do in this particular park where they are able to climb.. I had a very great, refreshing and joyful day and I wouldn’t hesitate to go back.

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