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Pilanesberg National Park reviews

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“Try to get there early before the crowds.” - Bushman

Great safari destination for those with limited time

Views: 460 Visited: Sep 2012 Reviewed: Sep 21, 2013

I recently found myself with a day to spare on a business trip to South Africa. I didn't have ample time, but I had enough to merit me hiring a car and spending a day in Pilanesberg. They say it's about a three hour drive from Joberg, but I made it in around two. I liked the fact that I could do this in my two-wheel drive car. I did not like the fact that everyone else was doing this. It was a great place to see the animals but definitely lacked a wild vibe. It was more like driving through a staged zoo or something.
But, for those with limited time and budgets, this cannot be beat.

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