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North Luangwa National Park reviews

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Superb Widlife Quality But ...

Visited: Sep 2012 Reviewed: May 09, 2013

Largely over shadowed by its more famous sister park (SLNP), North Luangwa National park was opened to the public in the 1980's. The remoteness and infrastructure here is not enough to cater for independent travellers, hence for one to enter the park, permission is sought from the national park or access with one of the few safari operators' granted permission to conduct walking safaris there.

The area's remoteness provided a hard task for any meaningful infrastructure to take place here. There are few roads and the likelihood of seeing visitors here while on your trip is very limited. We drove to NLNP from the south and our stay was at Buffalo camp, a seasonal camp on the banks of the Mwaleshi river (NB safaris here are conducted only in the dry season [June to October] when animal sightings are high. Access to the park during the wet season is virtually impossible.)

The camp is basic and isolated, surrounded by open grasslands, acacia thicket and trees. This place is recommended for the adventurous traveller, one who can endure hundreds of miles to come to such a remote and isolated area. We were received by mike, who gave us a brief background of the park and its offering. The nights here were scary to the the least, with lions roaring and hyenas howling in the background. Come sunrise we were eager to finish our game drive here and go back. This remoteness and isolation was too much.

We were treated to a walking safari with an armed guard, the area is abundant with game as we saw large herds of buffaloes on the run. On their heels was a pride of lions. Within minutes we witnessed our first kill. The lions ate their prey as zebras, wildebeest and warthog from afar watched with awe. Game here is abundant from lions, buffaloes, baboons, monkey to hyenas.

Our trip was a success but NLNP is too remote, too deserted the chance of visiting here again is well, not anytime soon.

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