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Ngorongoro Crater Conservation Area reviews

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“Sweeping views of the overhead lush greenery, yellow flowers and cool winds” - Lindanorrisa

Most favored park!

Views: 378 Visited: May 2014 Reviewed: May 06, 2015

The sweeping views of the overhead lush greenery, yellow flowers and cool winds as we descended into the crater floor made this my most favored park!

We were quickly greeted by a group of lions who leisurely crossed in front of us to the other side of the road. Other lions plopped down in the middle of the road in the shade of safari vehicles necessitating my yelling out to that vehicle to not back up lest the lion suffer a severed paw! And yet another group of lions nestled in a meadow of yellow flowers seeming to enjoy the swaying breezes.

There was the nearest closeup of a male elephant I encountered of all the park drives. He ambled down from a crest into a pond he partook of from his trunk.

This was the most relaxing, comfortable, and enjoyable of parks I visited in Tanzania.

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