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Namib-Naukluft National Park reviews

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“Bring plenty of liquids” - Lynn

home of the dunes

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Driving through the Namib-Nakfult National Park is simply awesome. The enormous and eerily enticing large sand dunes are spectacular. Parts of the park resemble a lunar landscape while other places rise with massive purple-hued rocky mountains of the Naukluft Mountain. Just as tall and certainly as impressive are the stunning orange sand dunes of Sossusvlei, blown into razor sharp ridges and peaks by the wind. This was our destination for our last safari.
Animals, insects and plants have adapted to live in this generally inhospitable region and get most of their water from sea mists that roll far inland. Snakes are common here and the Anchieta’s dune lizard which has an interesting way of coping with the scorching sand by putting only two feet down at a time and hopping from one pair of legs to the other, using the tail as a stabilizer. The sun was burning the tips of our heads and the sky was cloudless we were lucky enough to have been carrying water with us to cool us off. We engaged in some bird watching at the famous Sandwich Lagoon which is known to be an important wetland of pristine beauty that attracts a large percentage of bird like the lagoon and mudflats tho flamingos constitute the largest percentage of water birds. It also supports several endangered Red Data species.
This park being a desert it many people may have the perspective that there is not a lot to see, the trick is to come at the right season. All in all the trip was certainly worth it as the solitude is immeasurable, and your place in the great scheme of life takes on a new perspective and curious insignificance.

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