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Murchison Falls National Park reviews

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“Remember to hug the largest mahogany tree on your forest walk” - Pearl Africa SAfaris

The world’s largest 400 year old mahogany in Budongo forest

Pearl Africa SAfaris
Views: 907 Visited: Sep 2012 Reviewed: Mar 14, 2014

Budongo forest is one of Uganda’s still proudly-conserved rain forests with an affluent biodiversity of over 49 tree species, various birds, and primates like the chimps with some areas being occupied by the locals.
Base your visit from Kaniyo Pabidi, which is the main park road to the forest. A forest guided walk, takes approximately 2 hrs through East Africa’s remaining Mahogany forest with great views of the largest specimen, 60 m tall and 400 year old Mahogany tree. Also, do note that Budongo Forest management was the first place to employ a female ranger, Sauda, therefore when you are at Budongo, do ask for Sauda, you will have a wonderful time with her as she offers you a wide overview of the flora in the forest and all the believes connected to every plant. Black and white colobus monkeys and duikers are commonly seen in the forest also; the 4 hrs walks climb Pabidi Hill from which you can see most of the landscapes of Murchison falls National Park and Lake Albert.
Remember to hug the largest mahogany tree on your forest walk.

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