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“At night it gets a bit too cold... make sure you carry enough warm clothes if you are planning an over night stay.” - Lisa

Mt. Kenya National Park is the place!

Views: 784 Visited: Oct 2012 Reviewed: Sep 04, 2013

When my friends from the U.S came around, they wanted a mixed experience of game watching, camping and mountain climbing all in one package. Mt. Kenya National Park just presented the perfect match to our need. Our budget was somehow tight too as we were all students. We had a hired van from Nairobi, 175 KM away. We accessed the park via Nanyuki route and at the gate, I realized entry is by cash only; they don't accept cards.
The two day stay here was one filled with wonder and fun. The first day we had game drives after pitching our tents at Solo and Major campsite. The park is a haven of most of the big wildlife like the white tailed buffalo, elephants, olive baboon, leopards, bongos and rhinos. We also learnt from our tour guide that it houses some of the world's endangered species of animals like the albino zebra. We were back in the camp in the evening and it was getting pretty cold! The campfire did all the magic.
The following day was a mountain climbing day. I was not sure whether I would manage as I had never climbed anything beyond a hill! Now the climbing of the 2nd largest mountain in Africa stared me in the face. The whole expedition began by 6 a.m., where we drove to the foot of the mountain. Gears on and we begun the climb. The scenery was beautiful with occasional lakes, tarns, natural springs and glaciers visible from all directions. A few downland wildlife has adapted itself to this biting cold! Later in the afternoon, we had not reached the peak yet but we decided to get back after we all had climbed the mountain. Getting back to the van was such a relief. My feet muscles felt sore and I would only sympathize with Njoroge, our designated driver, whom we were with up the mountain. It was a perfect weekend getaway and I wouldn't resist getting back there!

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