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Moukalaba-Doudou National Park reviews

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A veritable Garden of Eden

Africa Discovery
Visited: Aug 2012 Reviewed: Mar 27, 2015

Halfway between the national parks of Loango and Mayumba, Moukalaba-Doudou Park is in a forest and coastal environment. 4500 km2, it offers an extraordinary variety of landscapes: humid forests of mountains whose peaks reach 800 meters, among the dry savannah of the country, lakes, rivers and papyrus swamps ... a veritable Garden of Eden.

Moukalaba- Doudou is known by scientists to be one of the highest densities of Gabon primates. The forests have been extensively exploited and undergrowth Marantaceae that covered these areas are a major food source for rain forest gorillas, chimpanzees and elephants. The hippopotamus, he prefers to snort in the waters of the Nyanga River, not far from the savannah going towards Doussala, the only place in Gabon where one can observe waterbuck, a large antelope with a slender body and gray dress.

This is one of the better game parks in Gabon to see a variety of animals.

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