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Mikumi National Park reviews

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Mikumi Park

Visited: Mar 2017 Reviewed: Mar 07, 2017

Mikumi is the closest park to Dar Es Salaam with an average drive time of 4-5 hours with a lunch break. I recommend everyone to pre-plan your safari with a reliable safari company and ask for a car just special for your group with an opening ceiling.

If you are lucky enough and your driver knows what he is doing, you can observe every animal living in Mikumi from lions to crocodiles.I thanks you John for a wonderful experience.

Nature is perfect and environment is purely wonderful. Cottages, guestrooms are available in the park and they are all reasonable to stay in. The restaurant near the cottages cook delicious food for dinner and breakfast.

To take clear photographs, make sure you have a semi-professional or a professional camera as the animals can be far away from you time to time and phone camera zooms does not work well enough under those conditions.

Quality of wildlife
Quality of lodging
Overall rating

* Crowded parks have a lower rating

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Park with beautiful views and wildlife

Visited: Jun 2012 Reviewed: Jan 12, 2016

Mikumi National Park is the fourth largest park in Tanzania but is not that well-known like other Northern Tanzanian parks. Mikumi is a national park for visitors who want to spent less time and witness more wild animals. Mikumi is among the most picturesque parks as it is surrounded by mountains on three side and has great views. You can see many variety of wild a... read more

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The beauty of the east...

Visited: Jun 2007 Reviewed: Aug 31, 2013

When I think of Mikumi National Park what, always comes to mind is the natural beauty that I had the chance to see more than one time. Trust me, it never gets boring to see green glass with plenty of animals roaming around.
This is one of the parks that I really love from Tanzania. The giraffes that are always mesmerizing are ever present so are the zebras with ot... read more

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