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Matobo National Park reviews

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A park like no other...!!

Visited: Oct 2013 Reviewed: Feb 26, 2014

Technically known as Rhodes Matopos National Park, Matobo National Park is known to be the oldest park with the name Matobo reflecting the correct vernacular pronunciation of the area.

The scenery of the Matobo Hills makes it truly special. The Matobo Hills has a wide diversity of flora and fauna, with over 200 species of tree and over 100 grass species. Matobo National Park has 88 mammal, 175 bird, 39 snake and 16 fish species with the highest concentration of black eagles, and breeding pairs of these birds worldwide.

This Park is so amazing that you can easily spend two or three full days in Matobo enjoying white rhinoceros, sable antelope, impala, leopard and rock art.
Places of stay include Camp Amalinda and Big Cape Camp.

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A new place to stay!

Visited: Mar 2016 Reviewed: Apr 12, 2016

Matobo National Park is reputed to have the largest concentration of leopard to be found anywhere and is also home to both black and white rhino. Visit the final resting site of Cecil John Rhodes at Worlds View and breathe in the view over the incredible granite rock formations. If it's rock art you want to see then Matobo National Park is place to see it! Just b... read more

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A unique natural spectacle

Visited: Oct 2014 Reviewed: Dec 29, 2014

Matopos National Park is a fascinating natural spectacle with the Matopos Hills and its unique rock formations. The UNESCO world heritage site is only 45 min by car from Bulawayo and thus perfect for a day or half-day trip. Matopos National Park offers something for everyone and is also excellent for family trips. The park can be explored by car, by bike or even by... read more

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