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Masai Mara National Reserve reviews

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“Have a pair of safari boots for treking and bushwalks” - Protraveller


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Masai Mara is probably the most interesting national park one can ever visit. It is Africa’s greatest wildlife reserve which is at South west of Kenya. It stretches about 1,510 sq Km and about 1550-2180 meters above sea level. This reserve will take your a breath after a day or two of visiting. This national reserve has gone into the Guinness book of records for the greatest wildebeest migration on earth known as the great migration. It has the highest lion population in its ecosystem in the world. The reserve holds over two million wildebeests, Thomson Gazelles and zebra that migrate annually.

My visit was in mid-July because I wanted to have the breathtaking experience of the great wildebeest migration. The first day of my visit was quite interesting because I went on a walking safari with a few friends and we explored the land and saw breathtaking landscape scenery. As the evening sun disappeared to the horizon and beautified the azure sky with the golden rays we started our journey back to our conservatory where we slept. Tourist service and accommodation at this place is incredible, especially the food.

The second day was a day I will live to remember as I happened to witness the wildebeest migration. We went for a game drive. The nearer you get to the Mara River the better the scene. The wildebeest migrate from Serengeti National Park in Tanzania to Masai Mara reserve for greener pastures. During the crossing of the Mara River, crocodile are ready to devour weak wildebeests as the dive into the deep Mara River.

Another spectacle that caught my eye was the big cat, the lion. This reserve holds the highest density of lions. A game drive, late in the evening will give you the satisfaction you need in seeing this spectacular animals. The lion especially is a marvel to the eye especially when you see it close enough. One of the most interesting things is that when the wildebeest arrive at the river for the crossing, they gather up and wait at the right moment speculating on which the best crossing point. When they eventually cross the point may be harbored by crocodiles and sometimes too deep for the claves to cross. The reserve is vast and three to four game drives are most suitable if one has to cover a large area. The reserve holds one of the tribes that have the richest culture in Kenya, the Masai People. They are hospitable and kind to tourists and their dances are unique and very interesting to watch

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