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Masai Mara National Reserve reviews

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“If you can afford it, take a chartered flight please!” - LoiseK

Great Park, but poor infrastructure

Views: 542 Visited: Sep 2008 Reviewed: May 11, 2013

The Maaai Mara is home to the amazing annual Wildebeest migration.
Traveling to the Mara in time for this is a treat. With the migration, one is able to watch hundreds of thousands of wildebeest and accompanying zebras, gazelles and other herbivores in one place, as they make their journey from the Serengeti in neighboring Tanzania. It is quite an amazing site!
Apart from the herbivores, the Mara is a great place to see predators such lions, leopards, cheaters, hyena. There are plenty of rhinos and crocodiles at the river as well.
The game reserve also some great landscape with a view of the snow capped Mt Kilimanjaro, even better than from the Tanzania side. The game reserve also has some very good accommodation. I would recommend the Mara Serena, which is built a slightly elevated ground and provides a good view of most of the Mara.

However, the road from Nairobi is quite run down, and the drive, even in a four-wheel drive vehicle, is very uncomfortable. If you can afford it, take a chartered flight please!

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