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Masai Mara National Reserve reviews

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“Inquire about the migration before your trip, they wildebeest don't cross the river every day ” - Lisa

A typical African safari, but wonder number 8!

Views: 389 Visited: Oct 2013 Reviewed: Mar 06, 2014

The Mara, as the locals call it, stands out tall among the other parks in many ways. On a normal game drive, you will notice that you can see the big five in one package. This does not occur anywhere else so easily. The big cats in this park are numerous. They can be spotted across the grassland plains and, somehow, I think they have gotten used to the humans; they don't seem alarmed however close you get.

Away from the plains and we come to the Mara river. This is where I saw a real picture of a stampede! I had heard of the enormous herds of wildebeest trying to cross the Mara, but I never imagined it to be something like this. The Mara crocodiles can be such timely catchers of prey and it's like they get hungry when the prey begins to cross. It was such a view seeing the crocodiles struggle to keep the huge animals in between jaws. Sometimes it would escape and you would hear someone say 'oh my God, it's made it'. You can get glued in this part of the park for hours and even forget that other parts exist.

I am told the park is so extensive with so much in store for days game drive. It calls for at least three days to have maximum coverage and good photography. Since my attraction here was the wildebeest wonder, my need was met and I had to call it a day!

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