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Masai Mara National Reserve reviews

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“The Mara Triangle is less crowded than the more popular eastern side of the park” - Stephen Bailey

Worth every dollar...

Stephen Bailey
Views: 356 Visited: Aug 2012 Reviewed: Sep 18, 2013

The Masai Mara and Serengeti are essentially the same place, separated by the colonial rulers drawing of national boundaries 100 odd years ago. Following recommendations I went to the Mara Triangle, the north western third of the park, separated from the rest by the Mara River. Beneath the backdrop of Volcanic Hills it certainly felt less crowded than I would have expected. Gazelle and zebra were everywhere, and as dusk approached we saw a cheetah on an unsuccessful hunt.

The following morning brought lions. Perhaps it was luck, but we saw five different packs on one game drive. Beside a river, a whole herd of hippos was struggling to decide on what to do, grunting at each other and moving off in different directions before meeting at the same river. Wildebeest occasionally popped up, frighteningly thin and looking unlikely to survive long. But most impressive was how quiet it all felt. With the grasslands seemingly continuing forever, I often felt huge pangs of insignificance.

For a two day safari the Masai was an impressive as the Serengeti. Although, I feel the Serengeti’s greater size affords far more opportunity for multiday safaris. Yes, it’s incredibly expensive, but this ecosystem is a freak of nature, and if you divided animals by dollars it’s worth every single one…

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