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“Do a few days in Kruger followed by a few days in Limpopo and you’ll have a well rounded African safari experience.” - Laurapattara

Fantastic & uncrowded wilderness experience

Views: 869 Visited: Mar 2012 Reviewed: May 10, 2013

Limpopo is not the kind of place you come to if ticking the Big Five off your list is your only concern. Having said that, the Limpopo is fantastic if you want to experience the raw Africa; one which isn’t perfectly manicured and doesn’t offer its game on a proverbial silver platter. Our three-day safari drive felt more like an old fashioned expedition than the usual game drive you can partake in South Africa. Here, you can channel your inner Morton Stanley and delve into uncharted territory. Well, at least it seemed uncharted! We chased tracks, tried to define movements in the distance, enjoyed our packed lunches under the shade of the biggest baobab trees we’d ever seen and spent far too many hours watching a German overlander try to get his 4WD over the Limpopo River without getting washed away. It was great!

The Limpopo may technically be connected to Kruger but it is a world away from its divinely pristine conditions, although there are arguments to be made for both sides actually. Camps and facilities are few and far between and, while you may not see a lot of game here, you also don’t see the throngs of touring safari jeeps congregating over a sleeping lion either. Spot something and you’re likely to be the only one to experience it, which for us was just tops.

Actually, make the best of it and do the two, a few days in Kruger followed by a few days in Limpopo and you’ll have a well rounded African safari experience.
The Limpopo has suffered tremendously in the past from over-poaching yet local initiatives have been in place to reintegrate some much needed big game into this reserve. The stunning scenery is as gorgeous as any other in southern Africa so, the way we see it, this is one of the most exciting up-and-coming parks in the area. The potential is endless so I suggest you get here before it’s taken over by masses of tour groups!

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