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Lake Nakuru National Park reviews

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“A camera is a must have” - Crispus9

What a Place!!!!

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When it comes to having fun, Kenyans know that Nakuru is the real deal. Lake Nakuru National Park is one of the crown jewels of the country that attracts Kenyans and people from all over the world. The park is situated 140 km from Nairobi (capital city of Kenya). The road to the park is well tarmacked. As a result, it has become a habit of many Kenyans to take a weekend drive to the site. I first drove to the park two years ago, accompanied by a couple of friends. My experience was simply AMAZING. I have gone there four more times since. The park is surrounded by the beautiful Lake Nakuru which is renowned worldwide for its flamingos. Other animals which you will be able to see are: Rhinos, Waterbuck, Zebras, Lions and Warthogs among others.
If you are new to the park, the management offers friendly and qualified tour guides. The park also offers facilities for camping.

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