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Laikipia Plateau reviews

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“Prepare to see what many would want to see!!!” - Mwas

The Mind Blowing Laikipia Plateau

Views: 520 Visited: Sep 2012 Reviewed: Sep 17, 2013

During the month of September, 2012, my friends and I drove to Laikipia Plateau by road from Nanyuki. Laikipia plateau is positioned amid the superb snow-capped Mount Kenya and the foot hills of the Aberdares. On our way there, we saw massive ranches that were mostly privately owned as we were told by our tour guide, though, now dedicated to conserving wildlife.

We visited a number of large conservancies such as: Lekurruki Group Ranch, Loisaba Wilderness, Borana Ranch, IL N’gwesi Group Ranch, Lewa Wilderness Conservancy, Sosian Ranch, and Sabuk Wilderness. Most of these conservancies differ from one to the other, with some being used for educational purposes as well as research and projects, and the others being run by the Masai and Samburu communities. While moving around riding camels, we noticed some elephants on foot just roaming around.

We were surprised to see that the plateau had more species, mostly endangered, than anywhere we had visited within East Africa. Some of the rare species we saw included wild dogs, Jackson’s Hartebeest and the Grevy’s zebra. Some of the other species we saw were the Somali ostriches, Beisa oryxes, reticulated giraffes, gerenuks, lions, cheetahs and leopards, and numerous impalas and gazelles. There were also waterbucks, greater kudus, buffaloes and even giant forest hogs among other species, together with over 200 birds' species.

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