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Kruger National Park reviews

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“The north of the Kruger National Park is much less crowded than the south. The landscape is more lush and there is plenty of game viewing and glorious wilderness solitude.” - Andrea

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I have been coming to the Kruger National Park since I was a little girl. Our family holidays took place in the camps on the banks of the mighty Olifants River. I remember early mornings with coffee and rusks to get ready for game drives. Sunsets without television or telephones (this was before mobile phones and the Internet!), just whiskey for the mom, beer for the dad and some cool drinks for the kids.

Kruger has grown up with me. It is no longer known as an enclave of the former apartheid regime. It is now a model of transformation with a number of sustainable community initiatives, land sharing and local management agreements. Conservation efforts are acclaimed around the world. It remains the country’s flagship game reserve and one of the best on the continent and in the world. From inexpensive chalets to luxurious camping and stunning tree-top wining and dining – it can all be had in Kruger.

There are even the remains of a lost city in the far north of the park. If you tire of hunting the Big Five – hardly likely, I know – but still, take a drive to Thulamela near Punda Maria, where you will find the stone walls of this ancient city dating back to 16th century. Archaeologists have found the remains of two people they have named Queen Losha and King Ingwe. It is believed that once up to 2,000 people lived here.

Not a lot of people know about Thulamela, which in a way is nice, as the area remains quiet and unspoilt, free of the tourist hordes of the southern parts of the park. But there is so much magic here. And if you close your eyes and listen carefully to the wind in the grass, you may hear the sound of the lost people of Thulamela, making deals, driving bargains and trading their goods where now there is only bush, the sound of crickets and occasionally, the growl of a lion.

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