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Kirindy Mitea National Park reviews

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“Go as early in the morning as possible.” - Wanderlust

Photographers' paradise!

Views: 724 Visited: May 2010 Reviewed: Apr 15, 2013

Kirindy was the first park I visited on my trip to Madagascar. It's a good 2-3 hour drive from Morondava, so we had to get up very early to ensure we had a full day of hiking there. En route to the park you pass along the famous Avenue des Baobabs. It was just past sunrise and the shadows of the trees were spectacular. I asked the driver if he would stop and he did, but he also told me that we would stop here on our way back, for sunset. I am glad I got him to stop, though, as the lighting was different in the morning. We finally got to Kirindy and our guide was waiting for us. His name was Jean Baptiste and he was such a great guy! We are pretty fit, so we asked to do as much walking as possible. We spent about four hours walking with him. We saw several species of lemur, some crocodiles and some snakes. It was very hot and dry and we were happy to see there is one very small restaurant at the park entrance. The prices were high, but our choices were limited, so we ordered some soup and rice. I was happy with the choice as the soup was homemade. Just as we were finishing our lunch, JB came over and asked if we wanted to see the resident fossa who would come around to eat the table scraps. He was under a building but I could see him sitting there. It was pretty amazing. We then headed back and stopped for photos. I ended up spending nearly three hours there snapping pics as the sky turned different shades of pink and yellow. I thoroughly enjoyed this place and the people and would love to return. I hope it doesn't get overrun with tourists, though, as the locals were so shy and friendly.

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