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“Monkeys literally falling out of the trees!” - Rebecca

Africa's Finest

Views: 366 Visited: Sep 2015 Reviewed: Sep 22, 2015

As soon as you step into Kibale, you know it's special. A cathedral of nature, with primates as high-priests. We've been living and working in and around the park since 2000, and cannot resist returning year after year. This forest gets into your blood. Some highlights of our 15 years:
-First chimp siting was a spectacular surprise, while out researching other animals in the park. The lone female crossed my path silently. In and out of view in a second. After a lifetime of dreaming of Africa and reading Goodall, Fossey, Owens, Hemingway and Ruark, this got the heart beating - finally arrived! Today, you may see huge groups of chimps close up - the troop is one of the largest ever habituated, at over 100.
-The Goliath beetle sounds like like a Harley as it flies by. Never knew that. Wow.
-The baboons figured out where the food was pretty quickly, so we learned to lock the doors just as quickly. When they sent their baby through the barred window and it retrieved nothing but tea, the family's disappointment was palpable. Sorry, Baboons, but we love the pineapple here - no leftovers.
-Walking out to the cho at night can be a pain, but sometimes, on a dark night, thousands of moths will think your headlamp is the moon.

Highly Recommended: Chimp trekking in Kanyanchu, of course, but also the forest walk, to enjoy the riches with fewer expectations and more surprises; visit to the community Science Centers in Kyanyawara, Kaswa or Isunga.

Though animals were the reason that Africa was always the target, my best memories are of the warm and loving local people we've partnered with to help protect Kibale from incursions. Come out to visit our eco-briquette manufacture & trading post; watch a wildlife documentary with 500 excited Ugandans who love nature; or, for the very brave, taste dozens of bean dishes at one of the yearly fuel-efficient cook-offs. newnaturefoundation.org

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