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Kafue National Park reviews

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“Price for Camps and Lodges in this region are a bit steep and be careful to avoid camps and lodges prone to tse-tse flies. ” - Skywalker

No Disapointments At All

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The second largest park in Africa, Kafue National park gets its name from the Kafue River, which flows through it in the north. Poaching and neglect had left this park devoid of any wildlife just plain lush grassland, its been almost a decade since the Zambian Wildlife Authority took over and began a long and tedious process of restoration.
I wanted to visit the area with the most game so I enquired before leaving the capital city of Zambia, Lusaka. "The Busanga Plains" in the northern part of kafue was the populous answer I got from the tour guides i met . There are three travelling options to get there, you can charter a plane and fly in, drive yourself into the park or arrange for a tour company to drive you in and around the park. I wanted an expedition but at the same time a relaxing holiday safari and so I opted the chartered plane option so as to avoid the tiresome and long journey by road. There are no scheduled flights, just on demand flights .
We arrived at the busanga bush camp in the heart of the busanga plain , this was our camp before our anticipated game drive the following day. Rates in this camp and others around here cost on average minimum usd 700$ pppn. The camp offers a 180 degrees uninturrupted view of busanga's plain. We saw large number of birds from the African Goliath Heron, Ground Hornbill, African Fin Foot among others around our camp. By dawn we were awakened by an unforgettable, eyecatching sunrise while taking breakfast with plain views of antelope species like african sable, bushbuck and waterbucks grazing around us. We were informed that the park has an impressive 470 of Zambia's 733-recorded bird species.
The game drive also cemented the parks game attraction credibility. We saw herds of elephant, a pride of lions, cheetah, buffalo, zebra and leopards. Most of the big five game and this was all in some hours drive. This park offers a lot and is not crowded with tourists.
Fo all bush connoisseur's, Kafue does not disapoint .

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