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Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park reviews

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“Do your research - each country's section caters to a different type of person. Find your best fit!” - Lindsayseegmiller

A merging of 3 vastly differnet parks - Keep your eye on the GLTP!

Views: 558 Visited: Mar 2013 Reviewed: Sep 24, 2013

The GLTP certainly holds potential to be a massive park that you can disappear into for weeks. But, this vision is still a few years off... At the moment, full traversing between the 3 encompassed parks is still bound by national boundaries and you are very much exploring 3 vastly different parks.

The SA section - Kruger - is well, Kruger. Packed full of animals, easy navigation and crowds (unless you're in a private game reserve). It is undoubtedly a spectacular experience.

Heading into Moz, you're met by an entirely different experience. Limpopo National Park, and the private game reserves to the south, host nearly the same wildlife as Kruger, but they are in lesser quantities and much more wary of humans. Poaching remains a significant problem in this park (the final rhino was shot early 2013) and this not only impacts the experience in the park, but threatens the broader formation of the GLTP. While the initial plan was to allow the Kruger fence to deteriorate as Mozambique secured their perimeter, the rise in poaching has led many to discuss rebuilding the Kruger fence entirely. A decision has yet to be made on this matter.

Providing poaching and park management comes under control, this could be a truly spectacular park - but, there remain many big "if"s. Keep an eye on it, and in the interim, all the incorporated parks are certainly worth a visit!

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