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Gorongosa National Park reviews

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Home of the crocs

Visited: Feb 2013 Reviewed: May 14, 2013

My third safari was the Gorongosa National park at the southern end of the great African Rift valley in the heart of central Mozambique. After a long drive to the park we got there at around 6p.m and there is nothing better than a hot shower, a soft bed with fresh linens offered in the park accommodation area after along rugged drive. We got ourselves plenty of sleep to prepare for the next day which we were pretty excited about. At dawn we were up and ready for the game drive accompanied by qualified local safari guide we drove out into the bush just before sunrise as the golden rays streaming through the fever trees fell on us. By now the un tame wilderness was coming to life we saw huge troops of baboons cautiously leave the safety of trees to go play out in the savannah. We were lucky to see a pride of lions returning from a night’s hunting mouths bloody, bellies bulging, flopping down in the shade to sleep it off this was breathtaking. On the drive we saw the Gorongosa elephants whose behavior I found interesting they walked in packs each pack consist of a family every family was led by the oldest, most wise female who led them back to the forest in the morning or leading them to water in the afternoon, which is the best time to see them.
We also saw some unique creatures that are not found in most national parks, the Gorongosa crocs. The park has a lot of crocs, it is not known how many there are in total but probably thousands. They are mainly found in Lake Urema and the view of the large deadly creature up close is completely really amazing. The array of birds that you can see in Gorongosa is simply breathe taking. There are different bird species in this national park. Moreover, the park is renowned to be the home to one of a rare bird species found nowhere else in the world, the green headed oriole. Our last stop was a hike to the waterfall, this activity is offered by specific accommodations which are premium Bangalowa, standard Bungalows or campsites we were fortunate enough to be staying in the camp site and saved the best activity for last. The roar of water falling from peaks of mount Gorongosa and crashing all around you is deafening and the feeling is exhilarating. The experience was short lived and our tour in the spectacular national park was over. All in all Parting with 600$ was totally worth it.

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Visited: Jul 2013 Reviewed: Sep 26, 2013

When planning a trip to Gorongosa National Park--a restored gem in the African safari experience--you have the option to hike Mount Gorongosa. I can't recommend this enough! We ended up spending 3 nights at one of our most spectacular campsites, with one of our days devoted to hiking the mountain. It seemed most visitors came through for just a day trip to view the... read more

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