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Gombe Stream National Park reviews

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“Take a swim in Lake Tanganyika! Lovely, and we had a bonfire on the beach.” - Churchmanb

Chimpanzee Heaven

Views: 497 Visited: Nov 2010 Reviewed: Aug 06, 2013

If you have made it to Gombe Stream NP, you are probably here to see the chimps.
If not, you've made a huge mistake.
This is the site of Jane Goodall's famous research, even having been visited by Diane Fossey at one point.
Each experience is different, but time spent with chimpanzees will likely be more prolonged and mind-boggling than if you spent the $550 in Rwanda/Uganda to maybe see the gorillas.
They can be raucous and frightening, or timid and too human for comfort.
Enjoy this strange and unexpectedly-spiritual experience.
For a good time, try catching the locals boat from outside Kigoma here. It is quite an experience, likely spent sitting on hundreds of gallons of gasoline surrounded by smokers.
DO NOT, under any circumstances, take the Central Line train back to Dar. I'm warning you. If you decide it's your only option, get ready for hell, but here's a tip - ask if you can chill in the restaurant car for the 3 day ride. Drink their beer and buy food to smooth things over. It should work out. This is a side of Africa most aren't going to be ready for.

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