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Etosha National Park reviews

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“Book yourself a good rest camp mainly close to the waterhole” - Lynn

'the floodlit waters'

Views: 625 Visited: Aug 2013 Reviewed: May 09, 2013

Etosha National park is superb. The view of the park from the sky is a vast bare, open expanse of shimmering green and white that covers almost half of the beautiful Etosha National park. We finally landed in South Africa in Windhoek. We drove to the park and had to first pick up a permit at the entrance then later stopped at the registration office to pay for our entrance fee which was $90 we had already booked a month in advance for our one day accommodation since the park is usually swarmed with visitors thus it is advisable to book earlier in.
Exhausted from the long flight we went to put our feet up in one of the Etosha park camps and even before our adventurous journey that was ahead of us we could already see some antelopes from the rest camps that were quenching their thirst in one of the floodlit waterholes in the park. We were lucky to get one of the best rest camps--the Okaukeujo Rest camp which overlooks a permanent waterhole that is floodlit at night where a wide diversity of wildlife congregates and interacts. I had a feeling tomorrow would be very rewarding.

The next morning we were up before dawn this is when the game viewing is best, Etosha national park is known for the best game viewing. It was just a shirt walk to the water hole which was frequented by every sort of African wildlife, rhinos, elephants and many zebras that were scattered around the park. The experience was unimaginable to see rare endangered black rhinoceros, lion, elephant and large numbers of antelopes. We then returned to the camp for brunch at 10am and then drove out to the park but there were not many animals to see around the waterholes. Each has its own unique personality and the animals that can be spotted at certain waterholes may vary from, even from season to season. Finally, between 4pm and dusk the animals got back to the waterholes and we could get some pictures before we left the national park.
Visiting Etosha National park is a well-worth seeing place of unique nature and landscape, it is indeed one of the most special game parks in Africa. The best advantage is to book yourself a good rest camp mainly close to the waterholes this way you can enjoy your trip without even leaving the camp!!

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