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Etosha National Park reviews

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“Etosha Park is a paradise for the wildlife and nature photographer! The level of service and management varies between the rest camps...spend your time viewing the precious African game and landscape and you'll be happy that you made the trip!” - Fran

A feast of game

Views: 601 Visited: Mar 2012 Reviewed: May 01, 2013

For many decades, Etosha National Park has been a firm favorite among local and international travelers and rightly so - Etosha is one of Southern Africa’s greatest game park gems. Rest camps Halali, Namutoni, Okaukuejo and the latest editions Camp Onkoshi and Camp Dolomite flank the huge salt and mineral pan. The pan serves as a lifeline for mammals and birds roaming the 22,000 km2 of the park.

Staying at Etosha National Park for at least a couple of days is highly recommended and allows the opportunity to work your way through the network of waterholes (consider hopping between accommodation options as you travel through the park). Observing the game at waterholes for a couple of hours on end will give you insight into the secret life of zebra, lion, giraffe, elephant, rhino, buck and bird families. There is a special dynamic between the animals and observing their hierarchy and rules at the waterholes is a remarkable experience.

Staying at the popular Okaukuejo Camp (western part of Etosha) offers adequate accommodation within walking distance of Nebrownii waterhole. Other waterholes found here are Aus, Olifantsbad and Gemsbokvlakte. Observing the game by night and listening to the nighttime grunts and snorts by the illuminated waterhole completes your African bushveld experience. Although you could easily hang out at the waterholes and see scores of game, driving the main routes is equally satisfying. Guided night safari drives are available to guests staying at the park’s accommodation (unfortunately not available to day visitors who are expected to leave at sunset with the closing of the park). On the night safari, expect some night time action as the lions hunt during the cooler hours.

Halali Camp in the center of Etosha Park feels somewhat more isolated, which brings its own charm. Halali also offers camping in addition to the chalets. The camping spots are particularly favored by the local travelers and you will probably find yourself chatting to a friendly local visitor here!

If you find yourself lucky enough to visit Etosha National Park after some rainfall you’ll be in for a feast of game viewing! Etosha’s landscape, mingling of game and pure enjoyment of Africa’s wildlife is a highlight that every safari traveler should experience!

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