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Etosha National Park reviews

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“Etosha in October was delightfully teeming with antelope of all varieties” - UrbanXenophile

Heart-stopping Namibian Safari

Views: 510 Visited: Oct 2011 Reviewed: Feb 07, 2014

Namibia is a country full of contrasts and contradictory landscapes. From the million year old sands of Namib-Naukluft National Park to the lushness of the Waterberg Plateau, the diversity is breathtaking. After the desolation of sand dunes, Etosha in October was delightfully teeming with antelope of all varieties. The best part, most herds had healthy contingent of babies in their midst. Most notable was the unusually high concentration of Hartebeast. While I was on Safari in Etosha I was saddened to hear that it's a species in danger, and yet it's one of the most sought after game to hunt. The herds grazed en masse, and for the rest of my time in Africa (two months), no where did I experience such a spectacle.

As for Etosha on the whole, the park itself is fairly homogeneous in terms of vegetation, with little variation. And while some may find this fact to be a disenchanting, the arid landscapes, and sun-burnt savannahs make for excellent game viewing opportunities. While I would make this a one-stop-shop for 'Big Five' game viewing, there was so much fauna in the sky and on land to see. An added bonus, the park was relatively empty so snagging that perfect nature photograph was a cinch!

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