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Chobe National Park reviews

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“Watch for marauding bull elephants - the bush can be quite thick, and the safari road is teeming with big game” - UrbanXenophile

Lions fights and eagles take flight in Chobe National Park

Views: 493 Visited: Oct 2009 Reviewed: Mar 16, 2014

October is often referred to as "suicide month" in Southern Africa because of the soaring temperatures in places like Zambia, Zimbabwe and Namibia. While I was in Zambia, the mercury was topping somewhere around 110 degrees Fahrenheit (well above the average - we can thank climate change for that!). And when the temperatures are that high, it can sometimes mean that unless you're going on safaris near a lot of water, game viewing can be a bit sparse. Nowhere in Chobe did I have that issue!

I went on a number of game drives in Chobe,and I went through two photo cards - The photo ops were endless! On my first game drive, we spent half the day watching crocodiles and hippos go toe-to-toe, or snout-to-mouth should I say! Just up from the muddy banks were large herds of Springbok, grazing warthogs, kudu, eland and about 25 different species of bird. Everywhere I looked, there was something to photograph, something to record, a spectacle to admire.

On the third day of my stay in Chobe, we came across a pride of lions getting into a dust-up with a very nervous herd of female elephants and their young. The trumpeting was blood curdling, but the thrill of being so close to such a display of wildness was something I will never forget.

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