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Chobe National Park reviews

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“Camp deep in the park! It's a truly unique experience.” - Stephen Bailey

Baby Elephants and Leopard Footprints

Stephen Bailey
Views: 677 Visited: Feb 2013 Reviewed: Aug 24, 2013

All around Chobe National Park there are road signs warning of crossing elephants. These immense beasts are everywhere; large herds playfully splashing in the water, cute babies chasing away warthogs, lone tusked males ignoring our proximity, and alpha males showing off their power. For two days it was rare we went more than a couple of minutes without crossing their path, and my guide reckons Chobe National Park has the largest concentration of elephants in the world. Most impressive was how close our safari truck got to inquisitive new born babies. They regarded us with playful suspicion and would dare themselves to get closer before scurrying away, trunk waving in the air.

Easily spotted from a distance the giraffes are also innumerable, their yellow heads peering above the trees. Sometimes we would turn a corner and find a youngster below the tree line, happily munching away. After visiting over ten national parks in Africa, Chobe is also the best park I've come across for hippos. Out in the Zambezi River they chill in herds of more than twenty, and twice we saw young bulls throwing their weight around and mock charging each other. Starting the safari by boat meant we got perilously close to the hippos, and I enjoyed how the land and water provide different experiences in the same park.

Predator sightings were rare and were limited to a sighting of three sleeping lions. I'm sure they're out there but the vegetation is dense and I would recommend a multi-day safari to anyone desperate to see big cats, or find real adventure. The camping areas inside Chobe have no protection from the wild, and our guide gave a very serious safety brief when we set up camp. Lying in the tent and listening to the park's soundtrack was truly unique and made me feel very insignificant in the world. Sure enough, our guide pointed out leopard footprints the next morning, barely ten metres from my tent. We set off following them but the predator had already disappeared. However, I was more than satisfied with another day admiring baby elephants and giraffes.

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