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Central Kalahari Game Reserve reviews

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“The more basic the tented camp, the more connected you'll feel to the environment.” - Laurapattara

Best place to get REALLY close to wildlife

Views: 942 Visited: Feb 2012 Reviewed: May 10, 2013

Funnily enough this park is fenced on two out of its four sides, meaning the animals can wonder freely in and out of its boundaries. The best part about the Central Kalahari Game Reserve is that visitor numbers are strictly regulated (100 a day when we were last there), so it’s not a park you ever feel cramped in. This is the one place where if you bush camp with your vehicle, you could well wake up with a lion resting on your bonnet!

The camps within the boundaries of the park are very basic, but certainly good enough to refresh and rest between day-long drives. Those looking for greater comfort could always look for the more luxurious camps outside the boundaries, but to be honest, this particular game reserve is brilliant to experience at night and the more basic the tented camp the more connected you'll feel to the environment anyway.

The Central Kalahari is kind of a mid-way option between primitive Limpopo and posh Kruger; just a gorgeously rustic park boasting great vastness, a healthy amount of game and offering an authentic safari experience. We absolutely loved their ‘free bush camps’ which came complete with toilet pit and the most gorgeous outdoor bucket showers.

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