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Ankarana Reserve reviews

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“Hikes can get long and hot here - if you ask, there are some GREAT streams for cooling off.” - Churchmanb

The Great Ankarana

Views: 481 Visited: Dec 2010 Reviewed: Aug 06, 2013

OK, if you've come halfway around the world (quite literally, if you happen to be Californian) to visit Madagascar, you can take the time to journey to the far north near Diego Suarez (or Antsiranana, if you're a spelling masochist).
It is here that Mada has locked away one of it's finest natural experiences - Ankarana Reserve.
Go ahead - do a Google image search.
That's right! While the tsingy on the west coast are fairly difficult to access some times of year and impossible at others, you can hike in to Ankarana - surrounded by lemurs and weird lizards and the usual mind-blowing Mada fauna - and be out crossing the tsingy on suspended bridges in no time.
There are spelunking options, grand vistas of emerald lakes at the bottom of 300ft cliffs and more.
Camping to allow more grandiose adventures - unless it's scorpion season.
Do NOT tangle with these scorpions.
Of course, as with everywhere in Mada, you must have a guide, so they won't let you get destroyed by the creepy crawlies.
One of the most amazing places in Mada and on Earth.
Don't miss it.
The lodging across the street is great! The people are kind and the food portions HUGE.

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