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Andasibe-Mantadia National Park reviews

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Rainforest and lemurs

Visited: May 2014 Reviewed: Aug 25, 2014

This was the first place I visited once I got to Madagascar. It's only about a three-hour drive from Tana, the capital. The drive was special, too. As you climb up in elevation, the temps drop and it drizzles. Along the clay roads are groups of people, many without shoes, walking for miles with their goods. It was so moving to see this and made me feel super spoiled. I stayed at the Vakona lodge, and I'm glad I did. I thought the food was excellent here and really enjoyed the atmosphere. It was nice to 'warm up' here after a day of trekking in the cool, wet climate. It is really cool and damp here. But, seeing and, more importantly, hearing the Indri lemur was spectacular! Bring warm waterproofs and good shoes.

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Visited: Jan 2011 Reviewed: May 28, 2013

Madagascar. Whoa!
Andasibe-Mantadia NP is the place to see the Indri, the largest species of lemur. However, there are PLENTY of other species!
For those unfamiliar, there are almost a hundred species of lemurs in Madagascar, and nowhere else in the world. There are probably more species, but who knows. Many parts of the island are untouched, likely hiding unknow... read more

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Bring waterproofs!

Visited: May 2010 Reviewed: Apr 17, 2013

We visited Andasibe after having spent a good chunk of time in the dry and sunny western part of the island. I was not prepared for the volume of precipitation this place receives! I did not bring long trousers and, as a result, my calves were covered in mosquito bites after the first day of trekking in Andasibe. The park was really interesting as we did not encoun... read more

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