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Amboseli National Park reviews

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“Amboseli dust... carry a scarf, sunglasses and a hat with a chin strap... they will do you good!” - Lisa

Amboseli, The Elephant Haven.

Views: 652 Visited: Feb 2013 Reviewed: Sep 05, 2013

This is a park that I have been to as many times as I can remember. It lies about twenty miles away from my country side home. Out of the many parks I have been to, Amboseli to me stands out as one so full of life! May be it is due to its small size and numerous wild life. Here you don't go searching for wildlife... especially elephants, zebras, buffalos, girraffes and wilderbeeste. They move in massive herds. It is the only park in Africa where you are able to meet hundreds of free ranging elephants in the vast savannah terrain, and some of them get a bit stubborn when they cross a road! For elephant lovers, here you get so much up and close.

The Mt.Kilimanjaro sits majestically behind the park and at some places in the park, you get such a spectacular view.The massive snow cap of the highest point in Africa just 25 miles away. There are two things that I do not like about Amboseli...the dust especially a visit between August and mid November, and the stretch of road there that is so rugged! This however doesn't make it my favorite park any lesser. I love the local people here, the Masai. They have harmoniously lived with the animals and guarded them like their own. The elephants and rhinos of Amboseli have not faced the poachers bullet so much which has threatened their survival in Kenya the recent years. Kudos to the Maasai people who also have a very rich culture.

I cherish every moment I have spent in this park as each of it is spectacular in its own way. Looking forward to my next visit soon.

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