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Amboseli National Park reviews

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“Be ready to get get thrilled!!!” - Mwas

An Exciting Adventure

Views: 360 Visited: Jul 2012 Reviewed: Aug 24, 2013

Apart from numerous exciting activity options provided, I really enjoyed the bike ride up hill and the walk to Kimana gate which just within Amboseli National Park. From the park, Mt Kilimanjaro is also so clear standing some thousand feets away. With beautiful big skies and horizon, the park is combined with dry and dusty earth and swampy springs that is trodden by a variety of animals that are in the park.
I especially loved the springs and endless water that was oozing underground. The fact that made it all together interesting is the fact that the water underground passes through thousands of feet of the Kilimanjaro’s volcanic rock being filtered, which then pipes into two water springs making its way to the center of the park. I really learnt a lot just by visiting this place. Makes the adventure awesome and at the same time educative.

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