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“Seeing the elusive rhino at Nakuru was amazing!” - Amruthaswaminathan

Nakuru is amazing, but never use Pega tours!

Views: 62 Visited: Sep 2019 Reviewed: Oct 13, 2019

We stayed with Mr. Peter Gatere's family and did safari with his company, Pega tours. Never choose them for your safaris, because this was our experience:

1. They had quoted us 60 USD per person for the safari, which we paid. However, the safari was not private, and had 3 more people. Later, we got to know that his company had overcharged us, since the the other 3 clients had paid 45 USD. Following this, we got in touch with him and asked for a refund of 30 USD for the two of us, which he refused.
2. The webpage says it is a 12 hour safari, but though we all carried our own food, the guide stopped at a fancy hotel for 3 hours. (They probably have some connection).
3. The guide had no information about the animals we saw. So, we were essentially on our own to look for animals and find out about them.
4. Minor issues: At the homestay (which is the owner's house), the drain in the shower area was completely blocked which flooded the whole bathroom with dirty water. The flush in the toilet didn't work.
5. Mr. Peter's wife would knock on the door and enter the room immediately without waiting for an answer.
6. The room was cramped with 3 beds and a washing machine, when we were only 2 of us staying there. Hardly any space to even walk around.

The national park is wonderful, but don't use Pega tours! We had excellent safaris in other places.

Visited: Kenya Kenya
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