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“Very professional driver and guide (Spanish-speaking). They could spot a lion where I could only see grass” - Carlos E

The Trip of a lifetime

Views: 580 Visited: Sep 2016 Reviewed: Nov 08, 2016

Hello everyone!

I did my safari in Tanzania with Happy World. 5 days (Tarangire/Serengueti/Ngorongoro). There are many options out there and since it's pretty expensive we didn't want to take risks so I decided to book with Happy World because a couple friends have had an amazing trip with them.

I was not disappointed. Excellent service, very professional driver and guide. They could spot a Lion where I could only see grass, so you know they're doing the best job to guarantee that you can see all the animals.

All food was included so at the end you pay extras only if drinking beers or buying souvenirs. They also have the patience; if you want to stay 2 hours with the same animal that's ok if you want to hurry that's ok too.

Happy World booked Ngorongoro Farm House, which is very beautiful hotel; Savannah Seronera in Serengeti which is a tented hotel (real beds, nice food and in the middle of the Serengeti so you can hear animals around you at night which is an amazing experience) and Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge which is a beautiful hotel at the crater rim so there are stunning views; nice rooms and overall good food.

The car is very big so you are comfortable seated or you can stand and have a nice view from the roof. The car has also a fridge and water and sodas are complimentary, we also bought some beers also to keep them cold during the trip since beers at hotels might be expensive.

The car has 2 binoculars with good reach (10x50) so if yours aren't better maybe you should leave them at home. We asked for bean bags for photo stabilization and they provided 3, which were more than enough (I advise to read about how to use a bean bag for a safari, I saw so many people with good cameras and good lenses trying to take photos using their hands for stabilization and that's a bad idea with tele lens). The car also has books for animal references so you can read about what you're seeing but our guide was an expert with invaluable info.

We had a couple of problems: one attributable to the excessive bureaucracy of the parks authority which meant waiting almost 3 hours to get out of Serengeti (I understand that's not uncommon) so we reached our hotel in Ngorongoro at night missing the beautiful sunset. The other was a problem with the car which meant leaving to Ngorongoro crater 1 hour later than the scheduled time and since that visit begins so early we could have had more sleep or a more relaxed warm breakfast at the hotel.

Joseph meet us the day before and the day we arrived from the safari, he really wants you to have best experience and apologized for these problems. But for the general experience I recommend Happy World without a doubt.

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